Our Purpose - To minister to pregnant women
and encourage them to choose life!

Mission Statement
The mission of Danielle Inn is to provide a Christ-centered home to support and minister to the spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs of pregnant, single/estranged, young women. This is accomplished through modeling the love of Christ, and equipping them with necessary life skills for competent living.

Our Purpose - To minister to pregnant women and encourage them to choose life!Ministry Goals:

  • Introduce the women to the foundational truths of Christianity.
  • Foster an environment that models the love, forgiveness and freedom available through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and encourage this relationship through Bible study, worship, discipleship and character building opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities for belief counseling using the Word of God to bring hope and healing for any spiritual and/or emotional needs.
  • Provide programs both in-house and through partnerships that assist in developing necessary skills for daily living.

    These skills are:

      1. Parenting
      2. Vocational
      3. Decision making
      4. Homemaking
      5. Anger/Stress management
      6. Godly relationships
      7. Money management
  • Offer guidance and direction in education and career development.
  • Assist in the achievement of basic financial independence that will aide in start-up needs upon
    leaving Danielle Inn.
  • Inform residents concerning adoption options and encourage careful consideration of these options.
  • Educate and counsel the residents regarding self-destructive behaviors.

Our Purpose - To minister to pregnant women and encourage them to choose life!
Goals for Mothers

  • Understand their identity in Christ
  • Cultivate a system of support for independent living
  • Understand how to have healthy relationships
  • Cultivate freedom from self-destructive behaviors
  • Develop the ability to resolve conflict
  • Learn how to plan ahead, set goals and problem solve
  • Enhance their education and improve their level of employment.
  • Build a savings account
  • Strengthen their parenting and life skills

Resources Provided

To assist women in overcoming their obstacle and meeting their goals, Danielle Inn provides the following resources:

  • A nurturing and stable home environment and nutritious food
  • Maternity and infant supplies
  • Therapeutic Biblically Based Counseling
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Support, encouragement and accountability by full-time,
    live-in staff
  • A savings program
  • Life skill courses
  • Goal setting meetings with case manager and licensed social worker.