Volunteers - Essential to day to day operations!

Volunteers - Essential to day to day operations!There are many ways to volunteer with Danielle Inn. We would love to put your talents and abilities to use in helping with the needs of our home. Here are a few ways that you can consider helping us:

Full Time Volunteers

  • Commit to one year or more of volunteer service
  • Work one-on-one with one or two mothers
  • Take turns being on duty in the house and share
    administrative tasks
  • The minimum age for full time volunteers is 18

One time Opportunities

  • Organize a drive for supplies
  • Help with one of our *Work Saturdays
  • Plan a presentation for the mothers
  • Cook a meal for the home
  • Coordinate a special project (i.e. repainting of home, "handyman", baby showers)

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Assist with house coverage (answering the phones, night watches, etc.)
  • Get involved with our fundraising efforts
  • Represent Danielle Inn at informational tables
  • Assist with transportation needs
  • Meal preparation
  • You can now take the message of Danielle Inn to your church, small group or business organizations,
    click here to download a PowerPoint presentation filled with information about Danielle Inn and how to become part of the Inn Crowd!

*Work Saturdays: On scheduled Saturdays throughout the month, Danielle Inn works with individuals and groups who volunteer for various house maintenance/cleaning needs of the home.

If you are interested in learning more about Danielle Inn and about ways you can get involved, contact Abby Shields at 985-264-8808 or Patricia Jones at (985) 898-3559. Print our volunteer application and send it to Danielle Inn, 80431 Ogden Rd., Covington, LA 70435. You can also scan and email it to info@danielleinn.net.